Helix Navigation Proposal Mockup

This is a working mockup of some ideas I had for improved navigation in the Line 6 Helix.
More info in this forum thread, please comment there if you'd like.

Global Settings


Same as Helix today, except without the everything-the-same options, which are no longer needed.
'Mixed' and 'Mixed Mode' in the options below use the this setting.

Pressing the Mode switch sets the footswitches to show the next item in the selected list of options.
If what's showing now isn't in the list, the first item is shown.
For example, with 'Presets, Snapshots, Stomps' selected and Snapshots showing, pressing Mode shows Stomps.
The same setting with Stomps or Mixed mode showing shows Presets.

What the footswitches should show after selecting a preset.

What the footswitches should show after selecting a snapshot.

Try It!

Preset 1 Preset 2 Preset 3 Preset 4 Preset 5 Mode
Preset 6 Preset 7 Preset 8 Preset 9 Preset 10 Tap
Current Status
Stomp 1 Stomp 2 Stomp 3 Stomp 4 Stomp 5
Stomp 6 Stomp 7 Stomp 8 Stomp 9 Stomp 10